Tn-seq analysis of P. aeruginosaa

Growth conditionTotal no. of readsNo. (%) of mapped readsNo. of locations identifiedNo. (%) of authentic locationsb
Initial poolc19,778,27815,739,802 (80)95,90594,531 (98.6)
Trial 1
 Without tobramycin14,152,56612,601,670 (89)96,74596,185 (99.4)
 With tobramycin10,699,4049,691,469 (91)76,47476,109 (99.5)
Trial 2
 Without tobramycin12,660,37811,081,531 (88)99,58098,258 (98.7)
 With tobramycin12,041,29010,799,523 (90)98,24396,925 (98.7)
  • a  A pool of approximately 100,000 independent transposon mutants was analyzed by the Tn-seq circle method after growth under different conditions.

  • b  Authentic locations were defined as those identified in multiple Tn-seq assays of samples derived from the transposon mutant pool.

  • c  The values for the initial pool represent two replicate assays of a single DNA preparation.