BLAST results for PlaC outside the Legionella genus

OrganismaI, S, CbE valueAccession no.Classification
Anabaena cylindrical28, 47, 695E−32WP_015214616.1Cyanobacteria
Cylindrospermum stagnale27, 44, 704E−29WP_015210343.1Cyanobacteria
Endozoicomonas arenosclerae29, 43, 953E−27WP_062262828.1Gammaproteobacteria
Anabaenopsis circularis23, 41, 721E−26WP_096581537.1Cyanobacteria
Fischerella muscicola26, 42, 686E−26WP_051035591.1Cyanobacteria
Tolypothrix bouteillei25, 43, 697E−26WP_038073042.1Cyanobacteria
Chlorogloeopsis fritschii27, 42, 719E−26WP_016872501.1Cyanobacteria
Mastigocladopsis repens28, 43, 691E−25WP_033366504.1Cyanobacteria
Scytonema millei25, 42, 753E−25WP_069349443.1Cyanobacteria
Hassallia byssoidea26, 42, 682E−24KIF33255.1Cyanobacteria
  • a Only the top representative species per genus is given, based on the closest homology with PlaC. After the genera listed here, the next seven encoding a PlaC-like protein (E value, <1E−18) are five cyanobacteria followed by two gammaproteobacteria.

  • b I, percent identity; S, percent similarity; C, percent coverage.