Reagents and resources used in this studya

Reagent or resourceSource or referenceIdentifier
Bacterial strains
    C. rodentium
        WTFrankel lab1CC169
        ΔART (espJ R79A) mutantFrankel labICC1472
    E. coli
    GST, mouse monoclonal 3G10/1B3Abcam, Inc.Catalog no. ab92, RRIDd AB_307067
    MBP, mouse monoclonal MBP-17 (HRP)bAbcam, Inc.Catalog no. ab49923, RRID AB_881602
    His, mouse monoclonal (HRP)Sigma-AldrichCatalog no. A7058, RRID AB_258326
    Phosphotyrosine, mouse monoclonal PY20Sigma-AldrichCatalog no. P4110, RRID AB_477342
    Csk, rabbit monoclonal C74C1Cell signaling technologyCatalog no. 4980S, RRID AB_2276592
    GFP, mouse monoclonal 9F9.F9Abcam, Inc.Catalog no. ab1218, RRID AB_298911
    GFP, rabbit monoclonalAbcam, Inc.Catalog no. ab290, RRID AB_303395
    Peroxidase-AffiniPure goat anti-mouse IgG, Fc gamma fragment specificJackson ImmunoResearch, Inc.Catalog no. 115-035-008, RRID AB_2313585
    Peroxidase-AffiniPure goat anti-rabbit IgG, Fc fragment specificJackson ImmunoResearch, Inc.Catalog no. 111-035-008, RRID AB_2337937
    Intimin B purified chicken antibody IgYJohn Morris Fairbrother; 41NA
    Ki-67 rabbit monoclonal antibody (clone SP6)Thermo Fisher ScientificCatalog no. RM-9106-F0; RRID AB_721371
    Cy3 AffiniPure goat anti-chicken IgY (IgG) (H+L) JJackson ImmunoResearchCatalog no. 103-005-155; RRID AB_2337379
    Alexa Fluor 488 AffiniPure donkey anti-rabbit IgG (H+L)Jackson ImmunoResearchCatalog no. 711-545-152; RRID AB_2313584
Chemicals and reagents
    eNAD+Jena BioscienceCatalog no. CLK 043
    Lipofectamine 2000 transfection reagentInvitrogenCatalog no. 12566014
    DAPIThermo Fisher ScientificCatalog no. D3571, RRID AB_2307445
Pathogen-free female C57BL/6 miceCharles River, Inc. (United Kingdom)Strain code 027
  • a Shown are the key strains, antibodies, chemicals, and animals used in this study, accompanied by their sources and identifiers.

  • b HRP, horseradish peroxidase.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d RRID, research resource identifier.