Whole-genome sequences aligned to the reference genome of Pseudogymnoascus destructans (NCBI accession no. GCA_001641265.1)

Isolate ID no.SpeciesaSourcebLocationcDateRead
Avg read
% of core
Accession no.
20631-21 P. destructans M. lucifugus NYFeb 2008NAeNA100.00GCA_001641265.1
GU999986 P. destructans M. myotis DEUMar 20092 × 101155.8398.73SRR6011467
GU350433 P. destructans M. myotis CHEApr 20092 × 101187.9798.93SRR6011468
GU350434 P. destructans M. myotis HUNMar 20092 × 101169.2999.00SRR6011465
20693-1 P. destructans M. lucifugus MAMar 20082 × 101206.3999.79SRR6011466
22429-8 P. destructans M. septentrionalis WVJan 20092 × 101208.6299.81SRR6011471
22971-3 P. destructans M. lucifugus ONMar 20102 × 101123.2499.73SRR6011472
22504-1 P. destructans M. lucifugus PAMar 20092 × 101192.7399.67SRR6011469
22442-2 P. destructans M. lucifugus NJFeb 20092 × 101200.7999.71SRR6011470
22948-1 P. destructans M. septentrionalis TNMar 20102 × 101180.4799.49SRR6011473
20674-9 P. destructans M. septentrionalis VTMar 20082 × 98100.2599.46SRR6011474
20682-10 P. destructans M. septentrionalis MAMar 20082 × 101156.0099.11SRR6011477
22004-1 P. destructans M. lucifugus CTApr 20082 × 101213.7899.20SRR6011478
22426-2 P. destructans M. lucifugus CTJan 20092 × 101170.4999.42SRR6011475
22469-1 P. destructans P. subflavus VAMar 20092 × 101167.0999.42SRR6011476
22480-1 P. destructans E. fuscus NYMar 20092 × 9885.8599.43SRR6011481
22884-4W P. destructans M. lucifugus VTJan 20102 × 101141.8899.43SRR6011482
22930-2 P. destructans P. subflavus TNFeb 20102 × 10182.9899.03SRR6011479
22949-4 P. destructans M. septentrionalis MDMar 20102 × 103211.5999.54SRR6011480
22972-2W P. destructans M. lucifugus ONMar 20102 × 10182.4899.03SRR6011483
22997-1 P. destructans M. septentrionalis TNApr 20102 × 101271.2099.97SRR6011484
23414-1W P. destructans M. lucifugus INJan 20112 × 98120.0099.59SRR6011493
23434-1W P. destructans M. lucifugus INJan 20112 × 101255.0799.96SRR6011492
23444-1 P. destructans M. lucifugus TNFeb 20112 × 9896.6799.49SRR6011491
23455-1 P. destructans M. lucifugus VAFeb 20112 × 101163.1799.70SRR6011490
Gd41 P. destructans M. myotis FRAMar 20092 × 25189.0499.31SRR6011497
Gd44 P. destructans M. myotis UKRFeb 20112 × 30192.6898.71SRR6011496
23874-1 P. destructans M. lucifugus MEDec 20112 × 101200.7699.97SRR6011495
23877-1 P. destructans M. septentrionalis DEMar 20122 × 101177.3299.97SRR6011494
23897-2 P. destructans P. subflavus MOMar 20122 × 251119.8099.93SRR6011489
W41203 P. destructans SubNBApr 20122 × 25174.3199.54SRR6011488
JH15CN0111a P. destructans M. petax CHNMar 20152 × 15074.3196.78SRR6011485
JH16MG088 P. destructans P. ognevi MNG20162 × 15078.8497.31SRR6011486
JH16MG093 P. destructans P. ognevi MNG20162 × 15015.2853.10SRR6011487
03VT05 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SedVT2008NANA76.63GCA_001662645.1
UAMH10579 P. verrucosus PeatAB2002NANA76.92GCA_01662655.1
05NY08 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SedNY2008NANA76.68GCA_001662605.1
23342-1-I1 Pseudogymnoascus sp. P. subflavus WI2008NANA61.20GCA_001662575.1
24MN13 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SedMN2008NANA69.28GCA_001662595.1
WSF3629 Pseudogymnoascus sp.PeatWI1960NANA77.02GCA_001662585.1
F-103 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SoilNYContemporaryNANA76.76GCA_000750895.1
F-3557 Pseudogymnoascus sp.Pine postSWEContemporaryNANA52.04GCA_000750665.1
F-3775 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SoilDEUContemporaryNANA50.60GCA_000750715.1
F-3808 Pseudogymnoascus sp. M. glareolus RUSContemporaryNANA52.51GCA_000750675.1
F-4246 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SedMNGContemporaryNANA53.77GCA_000750735.1
F-4281 Pseudogymnoascus sp.CryopegRUS0.12–0.2 myafNANA57.09GCA_000750745.1
F-4513 Pseudogymnoascus sp.PermafrostRUS1.8–3.0 myaNANA54.09GCA_000750755.1
F-4514 Pseudogymnoascus sp.PermafrostRUS1.8–3.0 myaNANA51.80GCA_000750795.1
F-4515 Pseudogymnoascus sp.PermafrostRUS1.8–3.0 myaNANA61.24GCA_000750805.1
F-4516 Pseudogymnoascus sp.PermafrostRUS1.8–3.0 myaNANA53.86GCA_000750815.1
F-4517 Pseudogymnoascus sp.PermafrostRUS1.8–3.0 myaNANA60.86GCA_000750875.1
F-4518 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SoilRUSContemporaryNANA67.47GCA_000750925.1
F-4519 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SoilRUSContemporaryNANA77.04GCA_000750935.1
F-4520 Pseudogymnoascus sp.SoilRUSContemporaryNANA67.01GCA_000750935.1
ATCC 16222 P. pannorum SoilDEUNANANA58.08GCA_001630605.1
M1372 P. pannorum SoilCAJun 1961NANA58.55GCA_000497305.1
Zn O. maius NANANANANA0.29GCA_000827325.1
  • a The species shown are Pseudogymnoascus destructans, Pseudogymnoascus verrucosus, Pseudogymnoascus sp., Pseudogymnoascus pannorum, and Oidiodendron maius.

  • b The species shown are Myotis myotis, Myotis lucifugus, Myotis septentrionalis, Perimyotis subflavus, Eptesicus fuscus, Myotis petax, Plecotus ognevi, and Myodes glareolus (bank vole). Sub, hibernaculum substrate (i.e., roosting surface); Sed, hibernaculum sediment.

  • c NY, New York; DEU, Germany; CHE, Chechnya; HUN, Hungary; MA, Massachusetts; WV, West Virginia; ON, Ontario, Canada; PA, Pennsylvania; NJ, New Jersey; TN, Tennessee; VT, Vermont; CT, Connecticut; VA, Virginia; MD, Maryland; IN, Indiana; FRA, France; UKR, Ukraine; ME, Maine; DE, Delaware; MO, Missouri; NB, New Brunswick; CHN, China; MNG, Montenegro; AB, Alberta; WI, Wisconsin; MN, Minnesota; SWE, Sweden; RUS, Russia; CA, California. 

  • d Coverage reported as percentage of core genome (i.e., portion of genome shared by all samples that is not in a duplicated region) that passed 10× minimum depth of coverage and 90% of read agreement filters.

  • e NA, not available.

  • f mya, million years ago.