Serological test resultsa

SubpopulationbMedian age (yr) (IQR)cTotal no. of individuals tested for ZIKV by ELISAZIKV IgMZIKV IgGZIKV PRNTCHIKV IgGDENV IgGd
n%n%n/total no.%n/total no.%n/total no.%
HIV patients
    201336.7 (16.4)960077.3 7/967.352/8461.9
    201438.8 (17.8)890022.3 6/896.757/8269.5
    201536.6 (17.4)9222.21617.41/921.146/6867.6
Total retrospective277
HIV patients 201644.7 (15.4)26320.813952.931/6150.822/2638.488/11080.4
MC pregnancies 2015–201628.5 (10.8)1915.31894.714/1593.33/1915.80/10
Non-MC pregnancies 2015–201628.9 (10.9)25710.417869.3114/17166.615/2575.852/6975.4
Tuberculosis patients 201645.1 (22.2)5523.64785.514/20704/557.38/8100
University employees 201633.8 (12.3)3925.11948.714/3243.83/397.78/1844.4
Total 2015–201663381.340163.3187/29962.547/6337.4156/20675.7
Total study910
  • a The number of specimens (n) and percentage of specimens positive for antibodies against Zika (ZIKV), Chikungunya (CHIKV), or dengue (DENV) virus in ELISA or plaque-reduction neutralization test (PRNT) are shown.

  • b MC, microcephaly.

  • c Interquartile range (IQR) shown in parentheses in the table.

  • d Including only ZIKV-negative specimens due to cross-reactivity of the DENV ELISA with ZIKV antibodies.