S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

StrainDescriptionaSource and/or reference
WLP575Industrial ale yeast strain“White Labs Pitchable Liquid Yeast” (USA)
BTC.1DHaploid segregant from WLP575; MATαThis study
ER18Segregant of Ethanol Red (industrial yeast strain used for bioethanol production); MATaMCB, KU Leuven (21)
BTC.1D/ER18Hybrid diploid strain obtained by crossing BTC.1D and ER18This study
442Haploid segregant from BTC.1D/ER18 with high 2-PEAc productionThis study
442 TOR1ΔHaploid 442 with tor1Δ (marker removed)This study
442 MOG1ΔHaploid 442 with mog1Δ (marker removed)This study
442 BNA2ΔHaploid 442 with bna2Δ (marker removed)This study
442 tor1E216*Haploid 442 with tor1E216* point mutation inserted via CRISPR/Cas9This study
442 ChrXVI.b1Haploid 442 with block 1 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 79486–85523)This study
442 ChrXVI.b2Haploid 442, block 2 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 85504–91015)This study
442 ChrXVI.b5Haploid 442, block 5 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 101093–104721)This study
442 ChrXVI.b6Haploid 442, block 6 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 104702–108350)This study
442 ChrXVI.b7Haploid 442, block 7 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 108331–114729)This study
442 ChrXVI.b8Haploid 442, block 8 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 114710–119641)This study
442 ChrXVI.b9Haploid 442, block 9 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 119622. 125450)This study
442 ChrXVI.b10Haploid 442, block 10 exchanged by ER18 allele (ChrXVI, 125432–129615)This study
BTC2Haploid BTC.1D with tor1E216*This study
BTC3Haploid ER18 with TOR1E216This study
BTC4Haploid BTC.1D with fas2ER18This study
BTC5Haploid ER18 with FAS2BTC.1DThis study
BTC6Haploid ER18 with TOR1*216E/FAS2BTC.1DThis study
  • a The chromosome (e.g., chromosome XVI) and positions for the block exchanged are shown within parentheses.