Differentially regulated genes involved in bacterial c-di-GMP synthesis and degradationa

Gene and enzyme categoryFold changeP value
Diguanylate cyclases
 yfiN 2.041.61E−02
 yliF 1.971.13E−02
 yneF 2.652.73E−03
 yhjk 0.727.61E−02
 ydeH 2.861.41E−03
 ycdT 2.653.43E−03
 ydaM 0.694.31E−02
 ydiV 5.586.70E−04
 yliE 3.381.73E−03
 ycgF 1.497.79E−02
 yhjH 1.845.10E−03
 yahA 3.802.84E−03
  • a Fold change data represent the bolA++bolA ratios for several genes responsible for the expression of proteins involved in the regulation of c-di-GMP. The P value associated with each gene represents the level of statistical significance of the differential expression.