Putative known metabolites differentially regulated in transcriptional mutantsa

Gene deletionCluster backbone corresponding
to metabolite (name)
Class of backboneFinal product of clusterChange(s) in abundance
laeA ANID_08383 (ausA)PKSAustinolBoth
ANID_07909 (orsA)PKSF-9775Increase
laeB ANID_08383 (ausA)PKSAustinolBoth
sntB ANID_08383 (ausA)PKSAustinolBoth
ANID_07909 (orsA)PKSF-9775Increase
ANID_08209 (wA)PKSConidial pigmentIncrease
ANID_00150 (mdpG)PKSMonodictyphenoneIncrease
ANID_06448 (pkbA)PKSCichorineDecrease
ANID_03396 (micA)NRPSMicroperfuranoneDecrease
ANID_07071 (pkgA)PKSAlternariolDecrease
  • a Data represent putative matches of known A. nidulans secondary metabolites, based on exact mass, from deletion mutants that regulate the ST gene cluster transcriptionally. The major synthase that produces the matched compound is listed, followed by the class of enzyme and the final product of that secondary metabolite cluster. The change of abundance is listed in comparison to the abundance in the wild type. Both, increase plus decrease. Detailed information on the observed metabolite matches is provided in Table S2. PKS, polyketide synthase; NRPS, nonribosomal peptide synthetase.