Summary of 23 mutants identified in original genetic screena

StrainGene ID(s) (product)NGSNo. of BCNo. of ARNo. of ABPCov.No. of Var.No. Fil.No. AAC Fil.No. SNV Fil.No. Man. Val.
MRB230 AN9517 (SntB) Ion PGM21,749,801398,603,89313×2,75345420086
MRB234 AN4699 (LaeB) Illumina512,853,1101,178,389,38539×1,79630457183
MRB246 McsA (classical)
MRB263 AN4699 (LaeB) Ion PGM4716,799183,494,8645,3552,7631,374213
MRB265 AN7825 (StcA) Ion PGM21,670,811393,800,43813×2,96461428395
MRB278 McsA (classical)
MRB283 AN0807 (LaeA) Ion PGM71,637,954414,891,02914×4,5191,41977453
MRB285 AN6650 (McsA) Ion PGM72,040,309504,104,29417×3,94799953471
MRB288 McsA (classical)
MRB298 AN0807 (LaeA) Ion PGM71,432,539398,442,51213×3,9961,16258821
MRB300 LaeA (classical)
MRB303 AN5169 (Ham9) Ion PGM73,119,428868,022,06028×2,4701788811
MRB308 McsA (classical)
MRB311 AN4819 (FluG) Ion PGM72,688,125757,320,58725×2,5922429532
MRB320AN1932 (MsrB)Ion PGM71,155,670301,316,25810×2,90887039711
MRB326No mutation found (sequenced 2×)Ion PGM52,873,911542,833,47718×2,0061202940
MRB327AN6374, AN6349, AN6309, AN6304Ion PGM5825,533212,012,1775,0242,2391,122154
MRB333 AN0807 (LaeA) Ion PGM71,803,971448,099,60515×4,9271,71199670
MRB346 AN0807 (LaeA) Ion PGM61,602,269410,313,82713×2,672575252135
MRB357 AN0807 (LaeA) Ion PGM71,677,400455,565,82415×3,30157529843
MRB365AN7084, AN7064, AN0850, AN0411, AN2194Ion PGM71,591,690431,720,63314×3,302605307115
MRB369AN7034, AN6798, AN10042, AN3394Ion PGM21,680,284391,401,26013×2,81655226084
MRB379 McsA (classical)
  • a Boldfaced text in column two indicates which gene was found to be responsible for the loss of NOR production. Abbreviations are as follows: ID, identifier; NGS, next-generation sequencer; BC, backcrosses; AR, aligned reads; ABP, aligned base pairs; Cov., coverage; Var., variants; Fil., filtered; AAC, amino acid changes; SNV, single nucleotide variant; Man. Val., manually validated.