Holdings and distribution of participating genetic resources in the United Statesa

Collection nameAcronymNo. of strains
TotalFrom outside the USAAccessioned after 1992With public whole-genome sequenceDistributed within the USADistributed outside the USA
Fungal Genetics Stock CenterFGSC26,0005681,80060021,5519,504
The Mollicutes CollectionTMC98833790333014
Bloomington Drosophila Stock CenterBDSC59,9157,92958,060214109,792107,603
Center for Forest Mycology Research Culture CollectionCFMR13,2412,2007,7303010,3272,633
Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences InternationalCABI30,00028,33012,7501111216,800
E. coli Genetic Stock CenterCGSC10,00006,927843,74142,438
Phaff Yeast Culture CollectionUCDFST7,5812,7592,5081326,202b1,285b
National Center for Marine Algae and MicrobiotaNCMA2,6481,751c1,80320711457
UTEX Culture Collection of AlgaeUTEX3,0261,3001,0301018,265b6,505b
  • a Data are since 1993 for collections participating in the 2017 USCCN meeting.

  • b Distribution data since 2006.

  • c Includes strains without geographic origin information or from international waters.