Mutation accumulation line detailsa

pH (95% CI)NTransfersXDivisions (G)TsTvInsDel
8.14 (8.11, 8.17)5259631,557 (1.82)504657
7.76 (7.71, 7.81)5360811,568 (1.84)3827910
7.29 (7.23, 7.36)5246781,153 (1.92)3219212
6.67 (6.61, 6.73)5444761,003 (2.11)10851
  • a CI, confidence interval from t distribution; N, number of MA lines used for mutation analysis, after removing lines with low coverage (<15×) or cross-line contamination; Transfers, average number of transfers for each MA line (∼48 h between two consecutive transfers); X, mean depth of coverage of genome sequencing; Divisions (G), mean number of cell divisions for each MA line passed during the experimental span (G, generation time in hours); Ts, total number of transitions pooled from all MA lines in the group; Tv, total number of transversions; Ins, total number of insertions in the group; Del, total number of deletions in the group.