Description of macaque cohorts, the antiretroviral therapy regimen, and levels of CD4+ T cells, monocytes, plasma viral load, and CSF viral load at the terminal time pointa

Cohort and animal identifierART (no. of days)Cell counts (no. of cells/µl blood)Viral load (no. of SIV RNA copies/ml)Comment
CD4+ T cellsMonocytesPlasmaCSF
    PmA126161,074485<10<10Treated with LRAs after 550 dpi
    PmA136053201,3461,80018,000Treated with LRAs after 550 dpi
    PmA223913242,310<10<10Treated with LRAs after 242 dpi
    PmA23345331410<10<10Treated with LRAs after 249 dpi
  • a The antiretroviral therapy (ART) regiment for both cohort A1 and cohort A2 consisted of tenofovir, darunavir, integrase inhibitor L000870812, and ritonavir. LRA, latency reverse agents; dpi, days postinfection; NA, not applicable.