The effect of MGE1 overexpression on the MICflu of several strainsd

StrainMICflu (μg/ml)
EtestBroth microdilution assay
S. cerevisiae BY4742 EV6–88–1616
S. cerevisiae BY4742 MGE124–3216–3232–64
S. cerevisiae ira2Δ EV4–68–168–16
S. cerevisiae ira2Δ MGE112–1616–3216–32
S. cerevisiae yme1Δ EV12–168–1616–32
S. cerevisiae yme1Δ MGE132–4816–3232–64
S. cerevisiae opi1Δ EV12–168–168–16
S. cerevisiae opi1Δ MGE148–6432–6432–64
S. cerevisiae rho0 EV24–3216–3216–32
S. cerevisiae rho0 MGE1>25632–6432–64
S. cerevisiae pdr5Δ EV0.250.5–10.5–1
S. cerevisiae pdr5Δ MGE10.750.5–11–2
S. cerevisiae upc2Δ EV4–64–84–8
S. cerevisiae upc2Δ MGE124–328–1616–32
S. cerevisiae tom70Δ EV6–88–168–16
S. cerevisiae tom70Δ MGE116–2416–3232–64
S. cerevisiae ecm10Δ EV6–88–1616–32
S. cerevisiae ecm10Δ MGE124–3232–6432–64
S. cerevisiae ssq1Δ EV2–4a2–4a2–4a
S. cerevisiae ssq1Δ MGE11–1.5abb
S. cerevisiae aft1Δ EV4–68–1616
S. cerevisiae aft1Δ MGE14–68–168–16
S. cerevisiae aft2Δ EV4–68–168–16
S. cerevisiae aft2Δ MGE132–4816–3232–64
S. cerevisiae BY47426–88–1616–32
S. cerevisiae fra1Δ6–88–1616–32
C. glabrata HTL EV8 (16–24)c2–44–8
C. glabrata HTL pTDH3-CgMGE124 (48–64)c4–88–16
C. glabrata HTL pPGK1-CgMGE116 (48–64)c2–48–16
  • a Data were determined after 72 h on SCglu (latter only for Etest).

  • b —, data could not be determined due to low growth.

  • c RPMI medium with 0.2% (or 2%) glucose was used.

  • d Values were determined by Etest and broth microdilution analysis. MGE1, MGE1 overexpression; EV, empty vector control.